Hello and welcome to my website.

I am a qualified and multi award winning Fine Art Photographer but this website is not about qualifications and nor is it about awards, it is about me and my passion though. 
My passion being, this planet, it's inhabitants, it is about the moment day is giving way to night, when night returns the favour, my passion is life itself!

Back in my teenage years, I used to draw but at the age of eighteen, I bought my first camera and that was when I put the pencils down and started using a camera to create Art and now some 34 years later, I do refer to myself as being more of an Artist than a photographer and I do say this for anyone can take a photo but not everyone can create Art using a camera.
Both my photography and my art are very much influenced by nature and this is because I am a nature lover.  I love my bush walks and getting away from it all and it is where I am at ease with everything there is!
My photography is about the planet we call home, it's peoples, the plants, the trees, it's wildlife and it is because of this that within these pages that make up this website you will find photos of just about everything there is to take photos of.

I am passionate about what I do and I hope through these pages I have succeeded in showing my world and the way I see the world in general!

This description of me will remain short for each gallery has each own description and you will gain a better understanding of me, my photography, my art, the way I see the world.

Please note that this web site is very much under construction and at the moment I am spending lots of days and even more hours creating the galleries and I am hoping that it will be active in the very near future and once I am happy with everything!

If you have any questions though then do send them through

And please note that everything on this website is copyrighted to myself and nothing should be used without my written permission.