Galleries ready for the viewing

Finally decided to enable the galleries that are ready and they are:
my art, male nudes, portraits, Kenya2010, Nepal, architecture, long exposure photography, bird photography.

These galleries are just the beginning of what is to come for in time, each of the models I work with will have their own gallery, recently bought brand new video editing software and looking forward to creating videos, the second Kenyan gallery is still coming, My Melbourne gallery will possibly be the next one I create but first I need to finish the Nature gallery which has taken a step back.
So on this day, the current galleries are ready and looking forward to spending the time creating the rest!

Nepal gallery

Finally finished the Nepal gallery and which consists of 50 images and galleries ready so far are are: bird photography, portraits, Nepal, my art, male nudes and long exposure.  I am hoping to have these galleries ready for viewing next week which is the 10/10/2016

getting started

Ok, here is my very first contribution to this blog and I guess I had to add something for so far, the galleries are still in hiding and because I am still adding galleries and finalising everything.

The idea about this website has been in the making for a while now and I guess since my last website which was a little while ago now.  That website was created using Dreamweaver which was a pain to use and it is why now I am using squarespace for it makes things a lot easier for me.
So far, I have spent countless number of hours gathering images, taking new pictures, editing even more pictures, creating galleries and so far, four galleries are ready and finally today, the contact form is actually working (yay!!)

And as for this blog, there is a lot to learn and looking forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas and of course, my photographic journey!